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PS3™ | Acerca del menú XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) Utilización del menú XMB™ El sistema PS3™ incluye una interfaz de usuario llamada XMB™ (XrossMediaBar). La fila horizontal muestra las características del sistema por categorías y la columna vertical muestra las acciones que se pueden realizar en cada una de las categorías. XrossMediaBar - Wikipedia The BRAVIA XMB menu works similarly to the in-game XMB menu on the PS3, except with the "Home" button instead. Therefore, it lacks a background and is not BRAVIA's start up menu. Like the PSP and PS3, it has the ability to perform system updates and access the user's music and video on the TV. Unique to the BRAVIA XMB however, is the ability to in PS3 What is XMB menu? | Yahoo Answers Jan 05, 2011 XMB Mods | PSX-Place

Here is the wierd part, when I closed the browser and went to the games section of the XMB, all of my games were gone, replaced by a folder object that said "Games" and "24 files" and displayed an

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