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Clean up the house, my arse! You've been promising to do that for months but haven't so much as lifted a finger around here. A: "John said he makes six figures a year." B: "My arse… Bruno Powroznik – Objects That I Have Shoved Up My Arse Objects that I have shoved up my arse / Vibrators / Dildos / Pens / Pencils / Coins / Pebbles / Broomstick handle / Fishing rod handle / Umbrella handle / Toothbrush handle Shitespace - Up My Arse Up my arse. There's a haddock with a hat on, A soldier with a baton, A fish that's lost its key, You really should come see What's up my arse. There's a roundabout with horses Up my arse There's a wealth of different sauces Up my arse. There's a ferret in a pickle, Mr. Small and Mr.Tickle, A rabbit and a gnome, Oh, it really feels at home Here Arse - Idioms by The Free Dictionary ?Note: This page may contain content that is offensive or inappropriate for some readers. See: (one) can't be arsed (someone) can kiss my arse a face like a cat's arse a kick up the arse a pain in the arse arse about arse about face arse around arse end of nowhere arse over tip arse over tit as if the sun shines out (someone's) backside ask my arse be

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The "arse off" part is a figurative expression meaning that he would have so much sex with her that her arse would fall off. (This is usually meant as a joke). This is an offensive phrase in UK English that means to have a lot of sex. Oct 06, 2016 · A student teacher has spoken about how she got a vibrator stuck up her backside during sex. Emma Phillips, a mother of one from Wallasey, Merseyside, first thought boyfriend Lee had hidden the But unfortunately now my BIG-arse enter key is more of a problem than ever. In the process of replacing the letter and arrow keys I decided to remove the rest and give my keyboard a deep cleaning HELP, i got something stuck up my anus URGENT helpmeplease903 it just happened, its a squishy ball toy just a bit bigger than a golf ball, ive tried the push method but to no success, i dont have the urge to go to the toilet but i can reach it with my pointer finger, should i just wait until ive eaten?

Fingered my sister in law. Last weekend my wife had asked me to be the designated driver for her and her sister as they were going to an outdoor concert, I took my lowered regular cab truck since I seldom get to drive it anymore and it seemed like a good chance to take it out for a spin.

When Did It Become OK For Guys To Touch My Assh*le Without Dec 01, 2015 Weed - do I have a stick up my arse? | Mumsnet I don't think you have a stick up your arse - the smoking around children is actually a pretty big negative. Then there's the fact that it is still an illegal drug and that weed these days isn't the same as the stuff that was around when old people like me were growing up. It's definitely a less than ideal situation and I …