Apr 27, 2012

Why CISPA Shows We Need Strong EU Data Protection Cispa will have an easier time passing than it should as a result. The message here is clear: some kind of Act allowing US companies to hand over private information about their users to the US government is almost inevitable. The only question is quite how bad it will be. This has a … Why the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act May 02, 2012

May 02, 2012

Apr 27, 2012 CISPA's Problem Isn't Bad PR, It’s Bad Privacy | American

Why CISPA Is Worse Than SOPA - The Atlantic

Feb 23, 2013 The CISPA Assault: Threatening Americans' Internet Privacy Apr 25, 2013 CISPA Amendments Make the Good Even Better | The Heritage CISPA is a sensible and bipartisan bill designed to enhance U.S. cybersecurity efforts by providing private- and public-sector actors with threat information that can help them thwart incoming Updated Thoughts on CISPA - XATO: Information Security by