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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 1. Best VPN for T-Mobile: ExpressVPN. Sign up for 12 months and get 3 MONTHS FREE on our #1 rated VPN. ExpressVPN brings together fast VPN access with MediaStreamer which acts as a Smart DNS service to unblock access to geo-restricted content. The VPN service will help encrypt your connection and unblock live sporting events. Here's how: Go to Settings -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names Create a new APN (you can use "IPv4" for the title) Input the same settings from the existing T-Mobile APN Change the "APN protocol" and "APN roaming protocol" settings to IPv4 Select the new APN you created as default. Profit by Oct 12, 2013 · T Mobile apn settings – Step by Step Configuration. T Mobile apn settings – Step by Step Configuration.. In case you are using a T-Mobile phone and you are not able to connect to the internet or you just bought a new unlocked phone to be used on T-Mobile but you are not able to connect to the internet, chances are that you will need to check the Internet or Data settings on your phone Android APN settings Open the Access Point Namesor APNsmenu. In Settings, look under Wireless & Networksor tap the Connectionstab. Touch Touch the T-Mobile APN if one is available. If not, press the Menukey and touch new APN. Verify and update the following settings for the Data APN. Name:

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Family Mode: Add VPN to parent device | T-Mobile Community The parent line doesn't have the option to install the VPN connection or set up the time limits similar to the kid's lines. To be honest, that's a pretty great suggestion though! Like Quote Reply Login with T-mobile ID Enter your username or e-mail address. We'll send … What are the APN settings for T-Mobile? | Android Central

T Mobile apn settings - Step by Step Configuration

For all AT&T Wi-Fi Calling features to work, you should disable the Secure Wi-Fi VPN. Go to Settings in the AT&T Mobile Security app and toggle the VPN off when using Wi-Fi Calling in Airplane Mode. Secure Wi-Fi VPN sometimes connects to secured Wi-Fi hotspots. Just open the AT&T Mobile Security app to stop the VPN from running. BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings | T-Mobile Support