active directory - cannot login to domain - kerberos issue

active directory - Unable to login with a domain account I have a virtual server running Windows Server 2008 R2 joined to a domain. The guy who cloned the this server from another server of ours on the domain, didn't sysprep the clone before it was renamed and joined to the domain.. So I ran sysprep then rejoined the domain, but now I can't login to it with any domain accounts. It recognizes that it's a part of the domain, but only the local active directory - cannot login to domain - kerberos issue You need to logon with a local administrator account in order to correct the issues that are prevent you from authenticating to the domain (get the time in sync with the domain, remove the computer from the domain on the computer itself, whatever the case is). Workstation Logon Restrictions for AD Users (Log On To May 17, 2019

[SOLVED] Unable to login to RHEL 6 with domain user

Users of Root Domain cant login to the child Domain. E.G. Sharath is a user who is created in the Root Domain.When i login to a client machine can i login to the child domain with the same credentials as the Root Domain.? If No then is it possible. Can a same username …

Oct 16, 2008

Jun 16, 2015 Windows Server 2003 - User cannot login to domain on some