What is Port Forwarding? How do you forward Ports?

PortForwarding.net - Easy Port Forwarding Software from Port forwarding is also very important for the scenario without router. For example, there is three computers, A, B and C. There is a server application running under computer C and computer A need to access the application. But A just cannot directly access the application on computer C, A must log in computer B as a hop. router - NAT vs. port forwarding - Super User Port forwarding (sometimes called PAT - Port Address Translation) is similar, but it functions on the port level. You can forward port 80 from your WAN IP address to your internal webserver, for example. Xbox Support

Port Forwarding allows external devices to pass through your router's firewall for services such as a web server (using Port 80), FTP server (Port 21), gaming or any other designated applications. This article will show you how to set up port forwarding on a Belkin router.

Port forwarding allows you to expose applications or services that you host on your network (such as HTTP or FTP) to external Internet users. For example, you might implement port forwarding if you host a multi-player game server on your network, or if you have a device such as a security camera in your home that sends its data to a server on your Fiber network. Any other active firewalls on your home PC (such as McAfee, Norton or Windows Firewall) may also need port forwarding set up. Adding a new port forwarding rule may prevent the router from working properly. If this happens: Disable the new rule by unchecking Enable. Select the radio button next to the rule then click Delete. Hardware Version DGND3700v2 Firmware Version V1.1.00.12_1.00.12 I'm adding default Remote Desktop port (3389) in Port Forwarding Custom Services and adding the PC's ip in Outbound Services. Using any "check port" tools, 3389 seems to be closed. I've tried other random ports and all remain closed f

Port Forwarding. Open a web browser. Log into the router by entering the default gateway ( into the address bar of the internet browser. When prompted, enter in "admin" for the user name and "admin" for the password. *Note* If Cisco Connect was used to configure the router then the password will be your wireless password.

How to forward ports on your router | PCWorld Nov 28, 2011 What is Port Forwarding? Why port forwarding? Port forwarding is an excellent way to preserve public IP addresses. It can protect servers and clients from unwanted access, "hide" the services and servers available on a network, and limit access to and from a network. Port forwarding is transparent to the end user and adds an extra layer of security to networks. PortForwarding.net - Easy Port Forwarding Software from